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The opossum is often known for playing “dead” or playing “opossum”. This happens when the opossum has been frightened or is in danger. 


The Wisconsin Opossum


The opossum is a marsupial meaning that it has a pouch. The opossum is a small-medium sized animal. The animal has a white to grayish coat of fur. You can strongly tell the difference of the opossum from other animals by their large rat like tail.


The opossum will normally take over abandoned dens or holes that have been built by other animals. This animal will stay in one area for as long as possible. Whether it is a wooded area or residential, if there is a great amount of food and water provided to this animal, there is no need to leave.




The gestation period for these marsupials are similar to many mammals. The young are born in an earlier stage than most animals, so they then move into the pouch of the momma opossum where they can be carried around and feed off of the teat as well. The mother gives birth to many young and the failure rate for the life of the young is fairly high. Up to thirteen babies can attach to a teat and have a chance of their survival. Weaning period can be anywhere from 70 days to about 125 days and they then may detach from the teat and start on their own!


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Its Winter time and for some of you it may be time to get rid of opossum! If you are experiencing opossum issues at any time of the year, we can help! Getting rid of opossum or opossum removal work should not be procrastinated and should be taken very seriously as the opossum issue can only worsen. Call County Animal Control to get rid of your opossum issues. 608-259-6515 for getting rid of opossum and opossum control services.